Blasted Gum Drops-500mg (5 100mg Pieces)

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Sweet Jane Blasted Gummies are brand new, one of a kind gummies containing 100mg of THC each. With 5 gummies per bag, each with a different lemony-fruit flavour, these are sure to have you feeling 100% satisfied. Recommended for more experienced consumers.

Flavours: Watermelon, Raspberry, Peach/Mango,
Blue Raspberry with a Lemon Twist

2 reviews for Blasted Gum Drops-500mg (5 100mg Pieces)

  1. Etienne (verified owner)

    Great products! Great price! Speedy delivery! Why go anywhere else?

    This product packs quite a wallop – a new favorite.

    New to edibles? Start with an eight (1/8) of the gum drop and wait at least 15 minutes. Repeat this process (taking (1/8) of the gum drop and waiting 15 minutes) until you find your happy place.

  2. Maxime I. (verified owner)

    I split this baby in 4! These are a trip and a half!

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