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Edibles Education

We believe that consumer education and self-regulation is the best way to enjoy our products safely and responsibly. Please review the information below if you are new to or inexperienced with cannabis-infused edibles.

Once you learn how THC- infused edibles affect you personally, you can begin to set and adjust your "proper dose" as needed to ensure a safe and healthy edibles experience.


Start with a low-dose or a single serving product until you know how edibles will affect you.

Don't Mix

Edibles should not be mixed with alcohol or controlled substances.


Edibles can take up to 2 hours or longer to affect.

Out of reach

Keep away from children, pets, ANYONE under 19 and store in original packaging.

Edibles tolerance

Everyone's metabolism is different and therefore has a diiferent reaction to cannabis edibles. It is important that you understand your edibles tolerance to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

New consumer

Start with 1/2 of a 10mg dose edible (Milk, white or dark 10mg Mini cups for example) increase dosage every hour according to how you feel.

Occasional consumer

Start with a product that can be easily divided like the Milk or Dark Almonds, Pretzels or Espresso beans. Start with one piece and increase your dosage every hour according to how you are feeling.

Frequent consumer

Most of our products are made for frequent consumers who have a higher tolerance. Please consume edibles responsibly and in a safe environment.


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