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First Time Consuming Edibles

Posted By admin / on Feb 18, 2020  |  Next

The cannabis industry has now come a long way to being one of the hottest markets around these days. Of course, this owes much to a lot of the benefits that it has for the human body. Its medicinal benefits are enormous as it helps to deal with a lot of health issues like pain, stress, depression, anxiety, bad moods among many other things.

Nowadays, a lot of people are taking it for a wide range of reasons. Also, there are tons of ways to take to consume it. However, if you are a first-timer with these edibles, you might be a bit worried about how the experience will be like and that is why this post is being put out. Here, we consider important tips for first-time consumers of edibles.

Start slow

Generally, the recommendation acceptable for first-time consumers of edibles is to start with an edible that does not have beyond 10mg of THC. As a matter of fact, some experts will even advise you to start with a dose of 2.5mg to 5mg as a beginner. Therefore, it is recommendable that you start slow and as time goes on, you increase your dose intake.

Almost every bad experience relating to the ingestion of edibles follows the same pattern. The beginner starts slowly with just a little quantity but after waiting for like 30 minutes and not feeling anything strong, they continue to eat more of it. By the time the effects of these edibles eventually start to kick in, they then realize they have taken too much. Therefore, learn to start slow. As you get more and more used to it, you can gradually increase your intake quantity.


It usually requires a longer period to feel the effects of edibles than if you were to take cannabis by smoking a joint, vape pen or bing. Similarly, we have no cut and dry timeframe as far as edibles are concerned. There are lots of factors that come into play when it comes to feeling the effects of edibles. These factors include what you have taken prior, the edible's strength and how quickly your body digests things. Therefore, whenever you take them, learn to wait for the effects to keep kick in.

Deal with the possibility of overdosing

When you overdose with edibles, the best next course of action is to go to bed, rest and sleep. There is almost no such thing as a THC toxic level. Therefore, you don't have to rush down to the emergency room when you overindulge. The only exception is if you have certain factors that can compound things and put you at real risks such as a heart problem or pregnancy.

In a nutshell, consuming edibles for the first time does not involve any form of magic. It is quite simple and straightforward. However, you must understand that your safety and enjoyment of the edibles depend on your action. So, take it slow and wait to feel the effects of what you have consumed.

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